Music in paper

Ongoing project started in 2018

Personal work

× × ×

Single pieces.
Hand-cut paper pieces.
All pieces cut and assembled by hand.

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21 × 21 cm

Estaminé Studio and Nuno Leites

Music in paper

We love to develop self-initiated projects which allow us to push our boundaries further, develop our knowledge about different techniques and materials, and keep our mental and physical gear working properly. That’s why we started this project, whose purpose is to pay a tribute to a few musicians we love, alternating between Portuguese musicians and of other nationalities.

The premise is simple: to create a piece within a 21 cm square.

Fire in my soul

We definitely had to start this series with Tash Sultana, because she really has fire in her soul (lyrics from “Murder to the Mind”).

We used only black paper to keep the piece as pure as Tash is, and created a two-layered composition that represents one of the tattoos she has on her arms.

Lucky flowers

This is a distorted representation of the illustration presented on the fabric that Surma uses as an amulet in every concert of hers. The fabric belonged to her grandmother.


Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz are twins, they have French, Cuban and Yoruba roots and together they are Ibeyi. They sing in French, English, Spanish and Yoruba. This piece is based on the song “Deathless”, one of their most powerful songs, and on Yoruba fabric patterns.

Alone I can’t say goodbye

Don’t say hi if you don’t have time for a nice goodbye” is one of our favorite songs by Noiserv, a Portuguese artist who plays with many instruments, sometimes children toys, creating multi-layered songs full of magic. Once, we were lucky enough to get tickets to a concert of his performed inside a planetary.