A Aldeia adormece


Side Project
Card game

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Limited, single and numbered edition of 500 copies (400 for the Simple Edition and 100 for the Luxury Edition).

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Coordination and graphics
André do Estaminé

A Maria Mota, Ana Types Type, Ana Vieira, André Silva, Carlos Meinedo (Snack Studio), Helena Morais Soares, Inês Vieira, João Moreira, José Luís Dias, Laro Lagosta, Lídia Azevedo, Luís Belo, Marta Afonso, Marta Ramos, Os Suspeitos, Óscar Afonso, Pedro Mota, Raquel Costa (Little Black Spot), Sara Moreira da Costa, The Royal Studio, Tiago Machado, Xesta Studio and Yara Kono

Recording Artiks
Edition and Motion graphics Snack Studio
Soundtrack João Neves

Studio session Álvaro Martino
Launching day Liliana Fontoura

Set design

A Aldeia adormece

“A Aldeia adormece” (“It’s night time”) is an object that intends to materialize a serie of tributes:

1. First and foremost, to the original game “The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow” (2001), elaborated by Philippe des Pallières and Hervé Marly;

2. Then to Shale Villages, particularly Talasnal Village;

3. Another one to board games and the excitement that is to acquire and play them;

4. The fourth regards people, friendship, meetings and the memories which are intrisically related to objects and people;

5. To the collaborative work, where creatives from different areas come together with a common purpose. This is highly honored here;

6. And finally, the creation of mesmerizing artefacts that exalt production as an end itself and the physicality of objects as a rich feature of infinite possibilities.